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Heart Beat is a feature documentary about the healing power of sound. The power of music, beyond entertainment. A personal yet scientific look at music and sound at a cellular level.

Compelling interviews from survivors that have used music and sound therapeutically to help heal.

Experts, Doctors, musicians, and sound healers all explain our emotional bond and deep connection to music, including its therapeutic and medicinal effects.

Science research has shown that intentional frequencies, rhythm patterns and music can have incredibly profound effects on our entire wellbeing down to the smallest cells in our bodies.

Heart Beat reveals this incredible research and data that’s been collected by director, cinematographer and Ted X speaker Michael Boidy, who experienced the healing power of music first hand, after recovering with a broken back and head injury from a horrific helicopter crash.

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Survivors, Sound experts, Sound Healers, Sound Engineers, Musicians, DJs & Artists

MICHAEL BOIDY  - Survivor, filmmaker & TedX speaker

JONATHAN GOLDMAN - Sound Expert, Best selling author

ERIC RANKIN - Sound Expert, Sonic Geometry series

MICHELLE BERC - Sound healer & Heart Math institute

DR. STEVEN SCHWARTZ - Bioharmonic Technologies

ADAM MICHALAK- Sound Engineer - Sony Studios

OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK - World Music Composer



NICK LOGAN - Helicopter crash & cancer survivor

 James Yuranski, Jacques Levy, Jesse Wright, divaDanielle, Fleetwood Smack, Terrakroma, J.J. Flores, Tara Brooks, Lee Reynolds, Mikey Lion, Jesse Clarkson, Shamiran Sateri, Nicholas Blaack, Alan Macy, Ptolomek,  Sienna Dawn, Dr. Bernardo Attias, Ido Lirin, Josh Wilder, Cameron St. Denis, Jon Charnis, Hyjinx, Deep Tribe 



“Heart Beat will change the way you think and feel about SOUND, MUSIC and LIFE”.

Our Mission for HEART BEAT is to create awareness about the power and value of music beyond entertainment.  Science has proven music's therapeutic & medicinal benefits.  Sound, Ultra Sound & vibration is used for a variety of medical procedures, treatments and pain relief.
Already, Heart Beat has built a very strong community. With financial assistance and support, the Heart Beat movement will grow exponentially.
Ultimately, creating positive changes in our children, our schools, friends, family, our communities, the country and most importantly our planet.

At a vibratory sub-atomic level, everything is sound and everything is connected; Music is the bridge that brings us all together.

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